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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

One of the things that we will be discussing is how to exercise. The first thing to consider is to make sure that you consult with your doctor before engaging in any type of exercise. Once you have the green light to exercise then listen to your body. Notice your limitations and feel where your body will comfortably move. Lastly, you want to keep things fresh. Make sure to choose a variety of activities that you enjoy to make sure you keep motivated.

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Now is the Right Time to Move

As a part of your plan write down when and how long you will be doing this routine. After a while, you can shake it up and try something new. A way of keeping your moving plan interesting is by mixing in different types of strength training, endurance exercises, and flexibility exercises. Strength training helps you to burn calories even when you are not exercising. Endurance exercises, like walking or swimming, helps improve your heart and lung function. Flexibility exercises help loosen and lengthen your muscles to help them last longer. Do you want some more tips?

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