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Take care of your well-being

In partnership with the City’s Live Active El Paso initiative and other community partners, Be Well aims to help individuals and families live a balanced and holistic lifestyle.

The Be Well Program believes in helping individuals and families feel energized and balanced. The way we help is by empowering and supporting individuals to work on simple habits that will make life easier. Our goal is to increase your wellness!

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The Be Well Coaches

Our health coaches are trained to help you identify your health goals and become a proactive participant in your self-health management. Health coaches guide participants, facilitate discussions, provide support, and are a credible resource of information.

Meet The Coaches
Antonio Martinez

Antonio Martinez

Kayla McLaughlin-Mock

Kayla McLaughlin-Mock

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In a group health coaching session, you will be provided a judgment-free space, where we focus on positive progress, and establish a sense of community with one another.

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How to Read Nutrition Labels

Have you ever had trouble understanding what is in the food you eat? Our health coaches provide additional insight into reading nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists. Both of these resources are helpful to know to get well-balanced nutrition.

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Now is the Right Time to Move

When thinking about physical activity, it is important to create a moving plan. The plan needs to be something you enjoy otherwise, you will not do it. Remember the best exercise is the one you will DO!

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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

As a new mom, you may be asking yourself what is next. There are so many resources out there available to help stay healthy for you and your baby. Our health coaches have a specially designed curriculum to help you with practical tips on having a healthy pregnancy.

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